While flyaway and stray hairs are not the end of the world, we believe the world becomes a better place when you look and feel your best. That’s exactly why we developed SPOKA.

The Story

Truly groundbreaking ideas often come about because of personal challenges. Next to her two small children Thu Hong Nitsche also took care of her father – making it three people who depended on her assistance including every day hair care.

To straighten her family’s hair, master hairdresser Thu Hong usually resorted to a spray bottle and comb. Both solved the problem, but also created a whole new one: sprayed walls, wet clothes – and a tear bath for the kids.

A solution was needed. Thus began an intensive process of research, trial and error, rejection and adjustment, supported among others by the German Federal Ministry of Economics – until the perfect sponge-comb combination was born. Now SPOKA is conquering the world!

Thu Hong Nitsche


Thu Hong Nitsche is a trained hairdresser and professional in all relevant hair topics. For many years she worked as a divisional manager for the largest hairdressing company in Europe.

When Thu Hong isn’t developing innovative products like SPOKA, she can be found working as a professional hair artist on TV productions, concerts and festivals. Her great passion is to create value for others.


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